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 Products for the automotive industry

Our company offers a group of products for surface protection of the car body. Leader in this group is Plastisol Z-140 that is used for industrial protection of the bottom surface of cars body, so called "underbody coating - UBC". Other products are used for sealing spot-welded joints in steel sheets.

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 Products for filter industry

Our products for use in filter industry are used to make filters for oil, petrol, air, etc. Our product Plastisol L-22 is used to bond filter paper and metal end of filter insert.

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 Products for the packaging industry

They are used in the manufacture of crown closures for food content (beer, water, drinks), metal cans and drums for non-food content (for paints varnishes, etc.).




 Building products

Our sealer Nevseal S and Nevseal M serve to protect floor and walls made from natural (stone, etc.) or artificial material (cement based). They serve to protect the surface from the destructive effects of water and frost as well as to highlight the colour and texture of materials.

Moulds for the production of artificial stones are characterized by extraordinarily reproduction of natural stone reliefs and high resistance to abrasion of moulds, which guarantees a long service life.

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Process equipment

Dosing and metering unit for polyurethane in combination with rotary desk can be used for pouring polyurethane in various applications. For example it is for air, oil and diesel filters and for the seals on caps for cans, drums, etc.




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