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 NEVA d.o.o. (Ltd.) was established in Cacak on 19 July 2001.

   The company went through various development stages. Its initial activities included the manufacture of plastisol i.e. sealants for crown closures for the food industry aimed at import substitution through the increase of product quality.

   During 2002, the company started to manufacture PVC plastisols for fuel, oil and air filter production. Soon afterwards, it first became a major supplier and then the only supplier to the FRAD Company, the largest Serbian automotive filter manufacturing plant.

   The year 2003 was marked with the development, design and manufacture of plastisols used in the automotive industry as floor, sound-proofing and mechanical protection materials, sealants and adhesives. Additionally, NEVA Čačak became a supplier of these products to the ZASTAVA AUTOMOBILES Company.

   During 2003-2008, NEVA Čačak developed about 15 products and parts for the ZASTAVA AUTOMOBILES Company from Kragujevac. Owing to their excellent quality, a large number of these products managed to substitute imports. Moreover, NEVA's products were incorporated into the new model ZASTAVA 10.

   NEVA used its own resources along the path from idea to development of new products. The development, design and manufacture of each product was concurrent with the development of internal methods of control of product quality, input raw materials, manufacturing process and finished products. Each product was homologated and required to assure satisfaction of Technical specifications necessitated by customer needs and secure uniformity of quality.

   The raw materials used for the manufacturing process have been mostly imported from world's well-known suppliers.

   In 2006, apart from investing into development of a new product technology, NEVA Company made an investment into a modern 700 square meter manufacturing facility, equipment and devices.

   The previous development path and good business policy induced NEVA to introduce and implement the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System in 2008.

   In 2008, NEVA engaged in the manufacture of polyurethane for the automotive industry and civil engineering.

   In 2009, NEVA implemented the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System, focusing on improved and more effective product development, design and development of internal methods of control of product quality, input raw materials, manufacturing process and finished products.

   A year later, i.e. in 2010, NEVA shifted its focus onto design and manufacture of process equipment.

   NEVA Company currently employs 6 people.


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